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Posted on January 20, 2013 15:40

(Lk. 1:26 – 37; 45 – 49)
By Deaconess Feyi Okulate

Introduction: Overflow means to be filled beyond capacity and a sign means an indication or evidence of something. Wonder means amazement, or something that makes you to wonder because it is unusual.In Exodus 5: 1 – 2 and 12: 29, God showed the Pharaoh of Egypt some signs so he could let the children of Israel go free from their captivity. In Daniel 3, king Nebuchadnezzar saw the wonders of the Almighty God when he threw God’s children into the fiery furnace. The Children of Israel saw the wonders of God at the waters of Meriba (Ex. 17: 5,7) and eating of the bread from heaven (Manna). The woman with the issue of blood saw the wonder of God when she received her healing (Lk. 8: 43-48). The multitude experienced the wonder of God when Jesus fed them with five loaves and two fishes. We too can experience a life of overflow and see the wonder and the glory of God as long as we are willing to surrender or release whatever we have into His hands.
Requirements for the overflow

1. Divine Favor: Mary enjoyed divine favor with God because she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus (Lk. 1: 26 – 28). Joseph enjoyed divine favor with God. In spite of all his brothers did to him by selling him into slavery, he still became what God called him to be. Favor has nothing to do with us or our background. We too are highly favored of God because He is not a respecter of persons. Esther too enjoyed divine favor. She was selected as queen despite her background (Esther 1 – 2).

2. Divine Presence of God: God made a promise to Jacob that He would never leave him nor forsake him until He (God) had fulfilled the promises He made to Jacob (Gen. 28:15). Life is a pilgrimage and God has also given His promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us. God’s divine presence changes the course of an individual’s life and brings the person into promotion and favor with God.

3. Have Faith in God (Lk. 1: 45): Mary believed the word of the angel Gabriel to her and because she believed, God promised her that there shall be a performance of God’s promises in her life.

4. Just Praise God for His Word: After Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel, she sang a song of praise to God called the Magnificat, meaning an utterance of praise (Lk. 1: 46 – 55).

5. Pray that God will take you to a higher ground: A higher ground is a place of spiritual promotion and influence. Although there are many challenges on the way to a higher ground, there are many benefits such as enjoying a deeper relation with God, and experiencing a life of overflow.
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