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Posted on January 06, 2013 20:07

(II Kings 4: 1 – 7)
Pastor Bolaji Okulate 

Introduction:  Overflow means to flow over the brim or limits; to extend beyond the limits. The word of prophecy for the year 2013 is that it is a year of overflow. This will be as a result of the signs and wonders that our God is set to do among us. It is the desire of God for us to dwell in the realm of the overflow this year but there are some secrets we must know in order for it to happen.  

1. You Must Seek for God’s Help: The plan of the enemy is to attack us as he attacked the widow in II Kings 4 and deny us of our God-given promise. We don’t have the power to fight the enemy by ourselves but when we cry to God for help like the widow did, we will surely receive the help of God.

2. You Must Believe: The Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God. We must believe that God has the power to make us experience an overflow in every area of life. The widow believed in the power of God in Elisha the prophet and she cried to him for help. 

3. You Must Act on God’s Instruction: Instructions can come in different ways. It could be through God’s word, or through the prophet of God, or through a revelation in prayer. The widow and her children acted on God’s instruction given to them by Prophet Elisha. They borrowed empty vessels and filled them.    

4. You Must be Filled with Expectation: Expectation is the act of or an instance of expecting or looking forward. It is something expected or hoped for. When God gives us a word of prophecy, we must be filled with expectation that what God has said will surely come to pass. When the widow received God’s word, she believed it, acted on it and she was filled with expectation that it will work.

5. God Will Use What You Have: The widow had only a vessel of oil and that was what God used to give a miracle of overflow. David had only the sling and the stone and he conquered the Goliath. The little boy had five loaves and two fishes and Jesus used it to feed five thousand people.

6. God Will Use Other Things You Don’t Have: God is not limited by what you have. If He wants to, He can use what you don’t even have. When God wanted to compensate the Israelites after 430 years of slavery, He asked them to go and borrow jewelries from the Egyptians (Ex. 12: 35 – 36). The widow in II Kings 4 only had a vessel of oil and was told by Elisha to go borrow many more empty vessels in order to receive her miracle of overflow.    

7. Maintain Your Confession: You must agree with God’s word of prophecy by maintaining your confession. As you speak the word, it comes to pass.

Hindrances to overflow: There are some hindrances that can prevent us from enjoying a life of overflow and these include sin, doubt and unforgiveness.

1. Sin: A life of sin can rob you of God’s promises and a life of overflow. You need to live a life of obedience to God and His word.

2. Unforgiveness: Living in unforgiveness can prevent the mercy of God from getting to us because if we don’t forgive others, we won’t receive forgiveness.

3. Doubt: Doubt is the opposite of faith and the Bible says a double-minded person cannot receive anything from God (Js. 1:8).
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