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Posted on January 27, 2013 18:49

(Romans 8:28-39)
Pastor Bolaji Okulate 

The number one challenge that Christians have is discovering the purpose of God for their life and why God created them (vs.28). We are chosen my God and He had predestinated us for a purpose as royal priesthood (1Pt.2:9); royalty, priests and kings unto God. Kings rule by decrees and that which is decreed must come to pass. In the natural no king is a priest at the same time except the children of God. A priest is on who ministers unto God.  In 1Pt.2:11, we are reminded that in this world we are but strangers and pilgrims, strangers because originally we are made for Heaven. God reminds us in His word of whom we are and where we are going to. In normal life strangers don’t understand where they find themselves.  Therefore the life we live on earth we are but strangers, pilgrims for a temporary time.

As we live in life Jesus reminds us in Jn. 16:33, that in Him we will find peace but in the world we will encounter tribulations but He has given us victory, He has overcome and made us overcomers, through all the valleys, mountains, dark hours pain etc; we are overcomers. All we need to learn to do is to depend on Him totally.  We can only have peace in Christ who is the Prince of Peace (Eph.2:14). If Jesus is our peace why then do we lose peace in the mist of storms?  Jn. 14:1-3 Explains that heaven is our real home and we should not be troubled by tribulations we face in this world.  Luke 10: 19 tell us that God has given us power and authority in this life. Until Jesus comes how then should we walk and live?  We have been predestinated even before we were born (Rm.8:30, Jerm.1:4, 5). Predestinated is a point of no return, a point where trials and tribulations can’t cause you to give up Christ. It means your destiny has already been determined by God Himself, and he has a prepared purpose and plan for you. 2. God makes all things beautiful in His own time (Eccl.3:11). To God 1000 years is like a day (2Pt.3:8, Ps.90:4).  3. When the call is made (vs.30) very few people respond to that call. Predestinated, called, justified, and glorified is what God has made us. When we are born again, the enemy cannot stop us from enjoying God’s blessings and our rights in Christ.  No plan of the wicked can stand, no one can kill us. Even any man dies; it is God who has permitted it. Even the devil took permission from God before he tempted Job.  But we have been given all power and authority over the enemy Lk.10:19. We are rest assured that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Is. 54:17

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