A Word In Season

Introduction: A word is a sound, or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing that symbolizes and communicates a meaning. It is an utterance, an assurance or promise. A season can be a time, or a distinguished period. What is the Word of God?The earth was without form but one day God arose and spoke His word and in six days there was a turnaround. (Gen.1:1). All things were made by God’s word and without the word was nothing made Jn.1:1-5, and in that word was life and darkness disappeared.

(Jn. 1:1-14)

The word of God controls all things (Heb.1:3) and all we need to do is to find the word that pertains to that situation and engage it and it shall come to pass. Connect to the unstoppable supplies from heaven.  In Matt.8:8, the centurion knew the power in God’s word and he believed.All he needed was for Jesus to speak and it will be established. God’s word is more than enough for any season. There are many examples of people who received a word from God and their lives were turned round:
Jacob:(Gen. 32:24-28): The Lord sent a word to Jacob and he received a change of name; a word from God blessed his generations yet unborn.         
Gideon: Judges 6:12-17:  God sent a word to him as the mighty man of valor and the word brought a turnaround in his life forever. It is not about your today nor about the rating of men and society but it’s about that word in season form the Lord for you. In this seventh month that symbolizes perfection, everything in our lives that is yet to line up with the will of God for us will do so according to His word in Jesus name. The society, friends and family might have put you aside, but God’s word for this season that will bring you out.

Joseph: Until the word came for Joseph he went through trials but when it was time to fulfill that word, the king had no choice but to line up with that word: Joseph was set free and put in charge.             
How then can one gain access to this word?         
Through the Holy Spirit:
(I Cor. 2:12,13). He is the great teacher and He is the one who can guide us to all truth, speaks and shows us things to come because He knows the way. As God’s children we need to be continually connected to the Holy Spirit. To see the word of God manifest we just don’t need to stand on any word but that word that is given by the Holy Spirit for that season. We need to depend on the Holy Spirit and not man for directions (Job5:8). Lift up your eyes to the hills from whence comes your help (Ps. 121: 1, 2; Ps.34:5).  A word in season is that one which the Holy Spirit will give you.      
Through the love of God:The greater the love of God you have the greater the revelation of God you carry (Jn.15:15).
Through a craving for the word:  David had a great craving for the word of God (Ps. 42: 1). It takes a thirst and hunger to qualify to access the mysteries in God’s word (Is.55:1, 11). The word of God is truth and therefore cannot be for sale or exchange for anything else(Prov.23:23, Deut. 30:19).

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