God’s Expectation For Us In This House

Introduction: The Bible tells us in Matt 21: 12-17 that Jesus drove the money changers and those buying and selling in the temple of God. Immediately those that came in sick and blind were healed, and they began to cry hosanna to Jesus. So you might say or ask, “I don’t buy and sell, I am not a money changer, how does this apply to me?” We are reminded that in God’s house there should be perfect praise and miracles. God expects us to conduct ourselves orderly in his house (I Tim 3:14). We will consider three aspects of Church meetings: prayer time (includes praise and worship), time of God’s word and seed offering time.

(Matthew 21: 12 – 17) 

1. Prayer time (praise and worship): In Rev 1:5-6 and 1Peter 2:9, we are reminded that we have been given a priestly ministry.  We minister to God, to others and even to ourselves during our prayer time.

A. Ministering to God: This is an area of our lives we need to be conscious of. Ps. 47: 7 says praise the Lord with understanding.  Jn. 4:23 says the time will come when the true worshippers will worship God in spirit and in truth. Now is the time for us to worship God with all sincerity. How do we minister to God? When we make mention of the power, effectiveness, excellence and greatness of God’s name, we are ministering to the Lord (Ps 69: 30-31, Heb. 13: 15, Ps 68: 4). The Holy Ghost moves when we minister to God (Acts 13:1-3, II Chr. 20). A very important requirement for ministering to God is to give Him our full attention and not let the weight of our circumstances, pains, need or sicknesses hinder us.

B. Ministering to others: God has called us to intercede for the unsaved, our brethren and our ministers. Samuel considered it a sin if he did not pray for God’s people (1Sam 12: 18-23). Paul encourages and asks us to pray for the brethren and our pastors and teachers (Col 4:12, Eph. 6:18-20, Rom 15: 19-31). 

C. Ministering to ourselves: This where you speak the promises of God concerning your life, speaking life, blessings, health, prosperity, increase, success and victory. You can also make your request known to God.

2. The Time of the message (God’s word): Every aspect of the service is important especially the time of God’s word. You must be expectant and you must have faith that the word is able to catapult you from one level of glory to the next. Heb. 4:1-2 says we must mix the word with faith.  The woman with the issue of blood made up her mind to receive on that particular day (Mk 5: 25-34).  We have to be determined just like her. We should desire more and more of God’s word (Prov 9:9, Prov 1:22-33) and avoid being too familiar with it or God’s vessel who is delivering the word (Mark 6: 1-6, II Tim 3: 15-17).

3. The time of sowing our seeds (Giving offerings to God): Gen 8:22 tells us that as long as the earth remains seed time and harvest shall not cease. When we give under God’s spiritual law, our harvest comes in God’s time and can be anytime of life. Solomon sowed and God visited him that same night (II Chr. 1: 6-7, II Chr.7: 4-5).  A farmer sows his seed with an intention to receive a harvest for food, business, and more seeds to sow.  God wants us to be expectant of a harvest when we sow our seeds (Lk. 6:38, II Cor. 9:6-10). We should present our offering to God with honor (Mal. 1:6-8) and  God will surely sanctify our seed when we offer it to him with a cheerful and joyful heart (Matt. 23: 16-19).

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