Introduction: Rain can be defined as condensed moisture or water from the atmosphere falling visibly in different drops. There are four types of rain that can be distinguished in the Hebrew language: i. Yoreh – rain that comes too early; ii. Malkosh –rain that comes too late, iii. Matar – rain that comes in drops, iv. Geshem – rain that is unrestricted. The last type of rain is the one we need. An issue is anything that makes us feel uncomfortable around people.

(Mark 5: 21 – 43)

The woman with the issue of blood: The story described in Mark 5: 21 – 43 is about the woman with the issue of blood. This woman had an encounter with Jesus and her story changed. There are some lessons we can learn from the story

Firstly, Jesus is always at the right place at the right time: Throughout the three years of the Ministry of Jesus while He was in the world, the crowds were always attracted to Him. Jesus was always at the right place at the right time and He was able to meet the needs of the people. Even now, He is still able to meet us at the point of our needs.
Secondly, Jesus is here to heal us but our enemy the devil is always trying to prevent the work of God from coming to fruition in our lives. He even tried to destroy Jesus when He was born. He moved King Herod to kill all the new born babes about the same time when Jesus was born. Why does the enemy attack us? One of the reasons is that he does not like our God-given dreams because those dreams give glory to God especially when they become reality. A dream is like a baby developing in the womb; it goes through different stages before it is finally born. The nourishment a mother receives can affect the baby either positively or negatively. Similarly, the spiritual nourishment we receive can affect our God-given goals positively or negatively. As we walk God, there will be many mountains or obstacles on our way to distract us from reaching our goals. Rather than run away from them, we should face them because those mountains are allowed by God to develop us and make us shine as light in world. The light of Jesus attracted people to Him. Our light should attract the world.
Thirdly, the word of God is infallible; it can never fail. The words of men can fail but God can never fail. His words provide us instructions for life and living and we will do well to obey them. The woman with the issue of blood believed Jesus and His words.  She decided to touch the hem of His garment and she received her miracle. As God’s children, we should live as children of the King and not as servants. We should experience His miracles like the woman did and show the same to the world. Through the name of Jesus we can move any mountain. We have to get to a point in our relationship with God where He can boast about us to the devil like He did with Job.
Fourthly, God does not dislocate us to abandon us. He wants us to understand that He is involved with us every inch of the way. When the woman with the issue of blood encountered Jesus, she got a change of name. She moved from being called the woman with the issue of blood to being called somebody. Finally after she confessed, Jesus called her daughter. As we walk with God, His rain will fall on all our issues and our lives will experience His transformation.   

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